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Your Inner Fish: The 3.5 Billion Year History of the Human Body by Neil Shubin

Your Inner Fish: The 3.5 Billion Year History of the Human Body on


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Evidence of Evolution Worksheets

The evidence of evolution worksheet set is a series of diagrams and short activities to illustrate each of the major types of discoveries that support evolutionary theory. The first evidence of evolution students will identify involves changes in skull and foot fossils of different ancestors of the modern horse. The next pieces of evidence comparesembryos of different stages of chicken, human, fish, turtle, salamander, and rabbit. The common bones within the limbs of humans, whales, crocodiles, cats, birds, and bats will be identified as an example of homologous structures. Finally, the animo acid sequence of a portion of the cytochrome C protein molecule will be compared for several different species. Overall, these worksheets should give students an excellent overview of the major pieces of evidence that used to develop the theory of evolution.

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Essential concepts: Evidence of evolution, fossil record, molecular homologies, homologous structures, analogous structures, embryology, vestigial structures.

Answer Key: Available to teachers as part of the biology instructor resources subscription.

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