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Classification of Species
Powerpoint Lecture

This lecture begins with some background on the different ways that species are defined, including the biological, morphological, and phylogenetic species concept. The proper formatting and syntax of binomial nomenclature is explained. Next, the major classification systems are covered, including the three-domain system and the five-kingdom system. Students will learn the major characteristics of each of the kingdoms with plenty of examples. Finally, a brief visit is given to each of the phyla of the animal kingdom.

Essential concepts:Species, reproductive isolation, prezygotic, postzygotic, temporal isolation, behavioral isolation, mechanical isolation, gametic isolation, hybrids, punctuated equilibrium, gradualism, biodiversity, binomial nomenclature, scientific naming, three domains, five kingdoms, archaea, bacteria, eukarya, monera, protista, fungi, plantae, animalia, echinodermata, chordata, mollusca, porifera.

Test questions: Available at the biology instructor resources subscription page.

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