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Photosynthesis Movie
How to Grow a Planet: Life From Light

This is a documentary that discusses many aspects of photosynthesis, from its evolution to ihow it works, including its importance to animals. Personally, this is the best photosynthesis movie that I've ever found for students to watch, because it covers a lot of different angles while using experiments and examples to keep student interest. One highlight: an experiment where a scientist is left in a large, sealed room filled with plants to see if they release enough oxygen for him to survive on. Unfortunately, there is no DVD for sale, but you may be able to find it on Youtube, and a higher quality version is available on Hulu Plus.

Essential concepts:Photosynthesis, autotrophs, heterotrophs, visible light, electromagnetic spectrum, wavelengths of light, pigments, chlorophyll, chloroplasts.

Answer Key: Available to teachers as part of the biology instructor resources subscription.

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