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Mitosis and Cell Growth
Powerpoint Lecture

This Powerpoint begins a brief comparison of sexual and asexual reproduction. This unit focuses completely on the asexual side (mitosis and binary fission) to avoid confusion with meiosis. Students will are also given background on the composition of chromosomes, since they are the central players in mitosis. Finally, an overview of the entire cell cycle is given, starting with G1, S, G2, and finally completing with mitosis and cytokinesis. A few of the major cell growth control mechanisms are also explained, as well as their relationship to cancer and tumor growth.

Essential concepts: Cell division, asexual reproduction, sexual reproduction, chromosomes, chromatin, DNA, mitosis, interphase, G1 phase, G2 phase, S phase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, centrioles, spindle fibers, binary fission, cell cycle control, checkpoints, cancer, tumors, malignant, benign.

Test questions: Available at the biology instructor resources subscription page.

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