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Mendelian Genetics
Powerpoint Lecture

This Powerpoint will give students all the tools and concepts needed to navigate through any genetic cross involving Mendelian inheritance patterns. Students will differentiate between dominant and recessive traits, then use laws of probability to predict the results of different genetic crosses. Examples of simple dominant, sex-linked, and other human traits will be used to illustrate these ideas. The concept of testcrosses and pedigrees is also used to help students analyze genetic patterns within an entire family.

Essential concepts: Genetics, heredity, Gregor Mendel, hybridization, dominant traits, recessive traits, genes, chromosomes, DNA, alleles, locus, Punnett square, homozygous, heterozygous, phenotype, genotype, testcross, law of segregation, monohybrid cross, dihybrid cross, law of independent assortment, probability, complete dominance, incomplete dominance, multiple alleles, codominance, pleiotropy, epistasis, polygenetic inheritance, pedigree, sex-linked trait.

Test questions: Available at the biology instructor resources subscription page.

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