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Water Resources and Pollution
Student Notes Outline

Taking efficient notes can be a big challenge for many students, especially when working from a Powerpoint lecture. This outline gives students a means to take notes that guides them toward important concepts and avoids the pitfalls of writing word-for-word or simply not taking notes at all. The outline is written as a series of questions, fill-in-the-blanks, or diagrams. This outline is based on the Powerpoint lecture written specifically for this unit.

Essential concepts: Water pollution, hydrologic cycle, water cycle, evaporation, condensation, water budget, water resources, water supply, groundwater, freshwater, saltwater, icebergs, ice caps, glaciers, infiltration, water table, runoff, aquifer, recharge zone, wetlands, water consumption, water degradation, dams, dam construction, water conservation, point sources, nonpoint sources, pcbs, biomagnification, bioaccumulation, sediment, water quality, impaired waters, tap water, bottled water, spring water, water filtration, ozonation, reverse osmosis, distillation, heap leaching, mining, pacific trash vortex, oil spills, oil tankers, Exxon Valdez, Deepwater Horizon, Oil Pollution Act, dissolved oxygen, biological oxygen demand, eutrophication, Clean Water Act.

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