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30 Days - Working in a Coal Mine by Morgan Spurlock

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30 Days - Working in a Coal Mine
Student Worksheet

This is the first episode from season 3 of Morgan Spurlock's documentary series on FX. Originally from the hills of West Virginia, Morgan has a close connection to the coal industry, and decides to spend 30 days living and working with the miners of the Double Bonus Coal Company. Students will gain insight into the dangers of underground mining, health risks faced by the long-time workers, and specific techniques used to try to manage the danger. Morgan is also taken on a brief tour of a surface mining operation, and is able to witness a mountaintop explosion while learning about the environmental hazards of this practice.

Essential concepts: Fossil fuels, coal mining, underground mining, surface mining, mountaintop removal, Black Lung disease.

Answer Key: Included as part of the environmental science instructor resources subscription page.

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